#MakeoverMonday Week 22: Internet Usage

Here is my second submission for #MakeoverMonday. I had a few different ideas for this one.

The original viz was created by the World Data Atlas (shown below) and can be found here.


What I like and don’t like about it

I like that it is interactive and that I can view the ranking bar graph too. It was fun to see the changes animated year by year. The colors were easy for me to interpret, but could be problematic for folks with color deficiencies.

Similar to @TriMyData, I was bothered that the Legend cutoffs changed from year to year. That was weird and could confuse people into thinking that the U.S. dropped in Internet usage in 2015. The country became light green in 2015, as compared to the dark green shown in 2014. In fact, in 2014 the usage was 73 people per 100 and in 2015 the usage was 74.55 people per 100.

My ideas

Originally I played with an idea to make a bump chart with ranking information. I would have only reported the data from 2000, 2005, 2010, and 2015 and probably only the top 20 countries. I was inspired by Henry Gannett’s Population of US Cities (1898), although I would have made my viz less busy. (Side note: Jim Vallandingham (@vlandlam) recreated this as an interactive viz with JavaScript and D3 — very cool! Check out his post about it here.)


Ultimately I just couldn’t get Tableau to do what I wanted. It was not pretty. After I worked on that for a while I did happen to see a similar idea posted from @AnnUJackson. Check it out here! (So this told me it CAN be done! Just not by me! Yet!)

I scratched the bump chart and started looking through Data Visualization: A Handbook for Data Driven Design (Andy Kirk) to see if anything jumped out at me. Hmmm…maybe a univariate scatter plot? I decided to use just the top 20 most active countries — which interestingly does not include the U.S. — and sorted the countries by most users per 100 people. In this case Norway is on top, but you can see that Iceland’s 2015 mark is closest to 100. And the viz does show the specifics in the tool tip on my Tableau Public page.


I tried it with all of the marks (circles) being the same size, and just liked it better when the size of the marks also denoted the number of users. That information is a bit redundant since their location along the x-axis also shows that, but I just think it looks better when their size indicates the number of users too. We’ll see whether I still think that weeks/months from now!


I plan to spend a good amount of time watching Tableau tutorials between now and next week’s #MakeoverMonday. Looking forward to it!

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