Do Good with Data | Tableau Fringe Festival Webinar

On December 8th I had the pleasure of presenting for the US Tableau Fringe Festival. In my talk, Do Good with Data, I share examples and resources for including a specific call to action on data visualizations.

Watch the Webinar


The Social Animal (11th Edition) | Elliot Aronson

Changing Behavior through Data Visualization | Gareth Ashley | Andrew Rhodes

Designing for Behavior Change: Applying Psychology and Behavioral Economics | Stephen Wendel

Persuasive Technology 2018: 13th International Conference on Persuasive Technology | April 16-19th | University of Waterloo, Canada

Viz for Social Good | Chloe Tseng

Fatherless Youth Need Mentors | Michael Mixon | Website | Tableau Public

The Takahē | Jonni Walker | Website | Tableau Public

Should we Eat Plants or Meat? | Alicia F Bembenek | Website | Tableau Public

Makeover Monday | Eva Murray | Andy Kriebel

The Persuasive Power of Data VisualizationPDF | Anshul Vikram Pandey | Anjali Manivannan | Oded Nov | Margaret Satterthwaite | Enrico Bertini

Data Visualization Effectiveness Profile | Perceptual Edge | Stephen Few

BJ Fogg Behavior Model | BJ Fogg | Website


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